Surface cleaning is a method of cleaning a fursuit part or plush toy, that can be used if the object shouldn't be immersed in water. Many Fursuit heads and feet can be cleaned using this method. It should be tested one a small area of the same material before applying on a bigger scale. you need:

  • a clean cloth
  • tepid water
  • mild detergent or Bubble Gund
  • a clean towel


Repeat as needed

  1. Take the object apart and remove all accessories
  2. Carefully dab the area with a clean cloth and tepid water using mild detergent or Bubble Gund
  3. Repeat dabbing the object's surface using tepid water to remove detergent.
  4. Squeeze the object several times in the folds of a clean towel to remove excess moisture
  5. dry without heat
  6. brush and fluff the fur