The head is literally the face of a character.

These are the most common methods for building a fursuit head.

Balaclava HeadEdit

Main Article: Balaclava Head

When you don't like hard metal parts but a small tight fitting head, the Balaclava techique is most likely the most suitable. The head is mor flexible and generally smaller than the other methods.Foam is applied (sewn or glued) to a balaclava and covered with fur.

The downsides are the need for more stable seams and not much space for additional fans. Also moving jaws tend not to be as durable than when they're done with a metal reinforcement.

Foam HeadEdit

Main Article: Foam Head

Foam can be a material without limits since it's durable enough for many forms, the head's design might require.

When cut too thin the structure might get floppy, so heads using foam only tend to become bigger than when using other techniques.

Plastic-Mesh HeadEdit

Main Article: Plastic-Mesh Head

Being more the engeneering approach this method is used for a durable head without the need to sew many parts by hand. Plenty of space in the head can be used for fans or other battery powered gimicks, but may not fit the head tightly without interior padding.

When not carefully planned, the head might get too geometrical since the understructure give (literally) hard limits to the head design.