A fursuit is a custom-made animal costumes owned and worn by cosplayers, or members of the furry fandom, commonly known as "furries"; a furry who wears a fursuit is called a fursuiter. Unlike mascot suits, which are usually affiliated with a team or organization, fursuits represent an original character created by their designer, and are often better-fitting and more intricately crafted.

The construction process can vary greatly depending on personal favors. This site outlines the basic processes before, during and after fursuit construction.

Fursuit Construction Edit

Concept Edit

Main Article: Concept

Often this part is totally clear. Setup a basic plan what the goal of the construction will be. Often a reference sheet helps a lot during that process.

Preperations Edit

What materials should you use? Maybe you are experiences in crafts, that can help you getting the work done.

Some suggestions:

  • Do you have access to a sewing machine? (maybe even a professional one)
  • Do you have access to a workshop?
  • Do you have space to work?

Then the journey through local and webbased shops begins. Convenience shops might have, what you're looking for. Be it a plastic bowl for eyes or a cheap pack of cutters. The Fursuit Wiki provides a list of local shops but you should keep your eyes open.

Building Edit

Building the actual fursuit can take a while, it might take a professional up to a month for one full suit, maybe less for a half suit. Keep this in mind, especially two days before a con.

Fursuit MaintananceEdit

Main Article: Maintanence

Refreshing a fursuit after it's worn might enhance the lifetime of the costume. Cleaning a fursuit often is no trivial matter. Synthetic furs can usually be washed at 30°C by hand, but foam and metal parts require special attention when cleaning. Repairing also is important when the suit gets damaged minorly.

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