This Tutorial is about construction of an overall-like piece, see Lower Body and Upper Body for construction of parts.
Body template

template for a bodysuit pattern

A bodysuit is like a one part overall, covering torso, arms, pelvis and legs of the wearer.


Most likely it's constructed by sewing faux fur.

For the pattern you can buy a finished pattern or make your own.

*When making your own patterns make sure to have a DTD (duct tape dummy) already made of yourself to help measuring and making the suit correctly.



Cutting for a fursuit can be done several different ways. Cutting foam for a fursuit can be done by means of scissors, electrical cutting knives or a box cutter. Box cutters work well on cutting patterns from fur as well to keep the fur from having a "choppy" look.

By cutting foam more angled for a pair of digitrade legs can reveal much physically of the fursuit character. While cutting foam in more of a "natural" shape and angle can give your suit more of a realistic effect.

While cutting fur for a fursuit is best done by box cutter; this can keep fur looking also more natural and has less frayed edges to work with, and to sew other markings onto.


main article: Sewing

As said in Cutting: by cutting fur with a box cutter or razor it leaves less frayed edges for sewing. Sewing is the most productive part of making a fursuitting. Sewing parts can range from sewing pillowed-foam padding for digitrade legs onto stretch pants, to sewing a dozen different patterns into a base fursuit color to match a concept. Sewing styles are different as well. "Wipstitch" and the "Back Stitch" are common seam sewing techniques.

When sewing markings make sure to leave seal allowance so you don't make something too tight or not big enough for it to fit. Also when sewing consider the different materials being sewn; e.g. felt can be sewn to fur, but doesn't stretch while a stretch cotton does. Fur usually doesn't stretch.


Add Zipper or another means for closing the suit

Finishing up a bodysuit can be done by adding claws made of Sculpy and covered in clear nail polis for a shine, or adding on a few to many airbrushings.

Adding claws to feetpaws or handpaws is done by means of epoxy, e6000 and sometimes shoeglue. Always make sure to trip the fur back from the area you are about to add these finishing touches except for airbrushing. When airbrushing, make sure the fur is clean of any dust or fuzzies. Make sure also that you will not get any paint on anythig around your suit that you'll have to clean up later. Finally, make sure that the suit fits snug around you and isn't tight on arms, legs, etc Make any fixes if this occurs.

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